From Vlora to America, with success. New singer Anida Llanaj speaks for the first time, for VloraNews

The city carries historical importance to Albania as it hosted the First National Assembly, which declared the country’s independence from Ottoman rule on November 28th, 1912. The Museum of Independence is dedicated to this historic event.
Vlore is the City that still we have a lot of talents for singing, dancing etc.Tradition has a lot to say, because in my town we know very well the voices of the future.

Every day, we see on TV a lot of our singers and they are at the top of the national and international playlists. Today, we invite you to read the interview with Anita Llama, the new voice of Albanian traditional folk music. She is with you if you’re read the hold interview.

Anita Llama is only 20 years old and she is present to the public with 3 new singles and videoclips. She is now, cooperating with the moss well-known artists from Albania and slowly-slowly is getting closer to the public concerts. In this interview she says everything from the beginning and her plans for the future.


Dear Anita, thanks for accepting the invitiation to speak for our on-line media, VloraNews.

It’s my pleasure to talk with my city people, friends and to let them know about my start in singing, Albanian traditional folk music.


How did you started your way of singing and working in this kind of art?

Thank you again for inviting me here in VloraNews. When I was a child, I used to sing at home, in public places and in some friends birthday. Later my family helped me to go to the music school, Naim Fresheri. 3 years I studied there canto and other kind of arts. This school time, is the best of my life because I was feeling the emotions of my dreams .When I finished this music school, I decided to start and make my songs which are only folk and traditional songs. For me was opened a new world of emotions. Is good to remember that Albanian song of polyphony is listed in Enesco and some of my works are related with polyphony.


What do you like mostly about this kind of art, singing?

I would like to say that, I will try to protect my country music to survive. As you see in the world is growing up the commercial music and no-one cares about tradition, the origin. From the 4th century BC Albania has some kind of music like polyphony. UNESCO has started to implement the Project entitled “Safeguarding of Albanian Folk Is-Polyphony”. This cultural expression was proclaimed Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005. I like to say that I’m happy to make a little work to help surviving my Albanian music. I m proud for this thing .Why not everyone to invest on this. It is our Albania.


In your songs, you sing about what?

I sing for the beautiful Albania, for love, for our weddings, bride, for everything that is related to my beautiful country. God blessed Albania with a lot of beautiful places .We have a beautiful Riviera, beautiful mountains, and wonderful songs, I mean the tradition way of singing. Albania has natural beauty in such abundance that you might wonder why it took 20 years for the country to take off as a tourist destination since the end of a particularly brutal strain of communism in 1991. So backward was Albania when it emerged blinking into the bright light of freedom that it needed two decades just to catch up with the rest of Eastern Europe.


Did you have been in live concerts in or out Albania?

I’m only 20 years old and I have been in some live shows and concerts. For example, every week, twice a week, I go and sing live in some live music bars in Vlora, Durres or in capital city of Albania, Tirana. Two months before I was in Greece and I performed live in one concert with Albanian people. You know, in Greece there are 1 million Albanian working and living there. They left when communist time finished in Albania in the 90’s. I have been also in Kosovo, Italy, Macedonia etc.


Do you have any plan or idea for near future?

Yes, I’m working now to make some necessary documents to go and sing in America. I like very much to sing at my Albanian people there. I know very well, they love our folk music. I hope to go there soon and to come back here in Albania to go on with my plans. I dream to make my personal concert and to sing my real songs, of course to cooperate with the best artists here. I hope this plans can be real in the future years.


And now we are at the end of  the interview. Do you have any message or something to add?

A big greeting to everyone and remember I will be near to my people with my new songs, of course only Albanian real folk music.
Thank you!


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