From she was very young Hedy Lamarr taken an acting career and became very famous, and today is mainly known thanks to the film in which she played. But also she had a subsequent career as a scientist and inventor, scholar of technologies related to encryption and to radio waves.

Her husband, Mandl, was very rich and provided ammunition to the regimes in Germany and Italy, so it is not strange that Lamarr also participated in meetings with researchers and scientists in charge of military technologies, which introduced her to scientific research.

In the previous years, during the Second World War, Hedy Lamarr designed and created with the composer George Antheil a system to encrypt radio communications ( “frequency-hopping spread spectrum”, FHSS). For their invention, which is the basis of many systems for radio broadcasting even today, even in computing, and mobile field, Lamarr and Antheil were incorporated into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the United States in 2014.

Hedy Lamarr invented many other things, as a new type of semaphore, which improved the system in which alternating red and green for regular traffic trends.