The Australian National Agency has reviewed a ranking of the top destinations this year. Among the seven most beloved places by Australian ranks Albania, because it represents a destination at low prices. Australian portal, says: “nothing ‘kills’ more to the end of the holidays that a credit card subjected to salty accounts. If you are looking for adventure tourist sites, but do not want to spend a lot of money, you should visit one of these seven destinations”.

Tourist destinations listed as cheaper for Australians are: India, Bolivia, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Albania and Laos. The agency describes Albania as follows: “Europe is a popular destination, known mainly by tourists with bags on their shoulders, but also because of his Communist past. Neighboring Greece, Albania, has been a destination for many years unknown by tourists, because of this past. But Stalinism has long disappeared, while tourists are starting to crowd the albanian coast and town. Who has visited Albania has distinguished its uniqueness and beauty. This place is known for its sandy beaches, mountain landscapes with rugged mountains and the noise of the nightlife of the capital. It is a country that attracts tourists to the low prices and its beaches are often like those of Spain 50 years ago”.