Je suis ou Je ne suis pas plus Charlie Hebdo?

The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists have been targeted for “satire” without any political or cultural value on the earthquake in Italy. For Charlie Hebdo the 300 killed people of Amateur have become lasagna and penne. Satire is satire, and is free, but in the same way you should be free to criticize a cartoon out of place and it ‘s ridiculous to think that the cartoon in question is justifiable only because is “satirical”.

The cartoon reminds us more a gesture of brutal lack of empathy of the French colleagues who, through forgetfulness, omitted the satire on the killed people in terrorist attacks occurred recently in France; it seems to lack an underlying auto-irony.

The problem is not that the cartoon becomes morally acceptable or not. The problem is simply that a mediocre and low quality satire is not funny. If we were to believe the pious soul of the cartoonists, we can certainly say that this time the intrinsic message that shakes the conscience is not leaked.

It is certainly true that especially the tragedies are face value for the mafia, who speculate on the death, and that, between future reconstructions and ex novo installations, the Italian conscience knows to fear the bad functioning of the state machinery.

Charlie Hebdo fails this time in order to ridicule a corrupted or malfunctioning state system and Italy arises; even moves Palazzo Farnese in Rome, who apologized on behalf of the Hollande government and the French.

So today  “Je suis ou je ne suis pas plus Charlie Hebdo?”


Erand Haruni